Sunday, November 4, 2012


Nope.  False alarm.  It's just Jeremiah with a green hand.
Now, you are probably saying, what in the, I'll explain.  Jeremiah has decided that he is very interested in a career in agriculture - possibly in green landscaping, which is an up and coming field that attempts to use the existing landscape instead of wiping it out and starting over to create new landscape.  To that end, he has been taking an intro ag class at the high school.  He also joined the FFA and became the only student to memorize the entire FFA creed by the deadline so he got his very stylish FFA jacket for free!  Yeah for saving $70 dollars!
After joining the FFA you can stay just a regular old member or you can get to work and earn one of several degrees available to members who meet the criteria.  Jeremiah and two of his buddies completed all of the work to earn their Greenhand Degrees at the end of last month.  Part of the festivities of earning your Greenhand Degree is that you get to walk around school all day with, you guessed it, a green hand! 
Jeremiah was mostly disgusted by this and the fact that I insisted on taking his picture at school in my classroom when other kids were around.  I was disgusted by the fact that the cuff of his new white dress shirt to go with his FFA official dress outfit was just as green as his hand.  Luckily, it washed out!

Here is Jeremiah's buddy, Trey.  He cooperated much more politely than my own son about getting his picture taken!
Joey washed his greenhand off before I got to him, but if you look closely you can see that his fingernails are still pretty green!
Aren't they pretty all dressed up for the Greenhand Ceremony?!
Here they are with their certificates...

...and their Greenhand pins.
Proud of you boys!

And here is Jeremiah with Mr. Butler, the Ag teacher and FFA advisor, and Jeremiah's favorite teacher.  If I hear "Mr. Butler said....."  once a day I hear it a hundred times!

After I nagged him for most of the morning, Jeremiah agreed to let one of my students take our picture together.  I just can't believe how handsome and grown up he looks in is FFA official dress.  I'm so proud of you buddy for the young man you are becoming!

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